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Welcome to the Supera Park Advisory Council interactive website and Blog. We welcome your feedback and comments.

The council is tasked with rejuvinating and maintaining Supera Playlot Park, as officially named by the Chicago Park District, through ongoing improvements/maintenance and coordinating events with the Chicago Park District throughout the year.

Known as the park with a pirate ship theme and a favorite of kids for years, Supera Park is located at 2528 N. Racine Avenue, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Wrightwood Neighbors neighborhood. Supera Park was one of 42 playgrounds and playlots developed by the city in 1950 to meet the recreational needs of post-World War II Chicago.

After purchasing a small property in the Lincoln Park community, the city’s Bureau of Parks and Recreation improved the site with a gravel-surfaced playground. In 1959, the city transferred the site to the Chicago Park District, along with more than 250 other properties.

Originally known as Racine-Draper Park for the adjacent streets, the site was renamed Supera Park in 1990 at the request of the Wrightwood Neighbors Conservation Association. The new name honors local resident Louis Supera, who made significant contributions to the community. Supera was known for his support of the Better Boys Club, the Menominee Club for boys and girls, and the Lincoln Park Conservation Association, among other groups.

The park has been renovated several times. In 1982, the park was enlarged slightly by extending it into an adjacent alley. A soft surface playground with a pirate ship-themed climbing structure were added. In 2006, the Supera Park Advistory Council was formed and tasked with overseeing an entire park renovation. Complete with signature pirate ship theme, renovations were completed in late summer 2009.

Advisory Council

The following advisory council governance structure has been formed to coordinate and focus park efforts. If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact us.

ExecutiveThis committee coordinates and communicates activities across the Supera Park Advisory Council.

FundraisingThis committee is tasked with the planning and execution of fundraising activities to support the Supera Park proposed renovations.

LandscapingThis committee is tasked with recommending, planning, and at times executing proposed Supera Park renovations. Recommendations are proposed through feedback from all stakeholders involved, to include the local community and the Chicago Park District.

EventsThis committee coordinates and communicates Supera Park events held throughout the year. Keeping the buzz alive to let the community know how important Supera Park is to the quality of life is critical.

Content above in part credited to Chicago Park District, www.chicagoparkdistrict.com.