A Very Belated Display of Park Renovations

Supera Park renovations were completed in late summer 2009.  Only one word can describe the result … brilliant!  See below.

Supera Park Sign

Supera Park Sign

Supera Park Pirate Ship

Supera Park Pirate Ship

Supera Park Sandbox

Supera Park Sandbox

We will see you at the park in 2009 if the warm weather holds.  If not, see you again in the spring/summer of 2010.   Can’t wait to see you at the park!

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7 Responses to A Very Belated Display of Park Renovations

  1. This is a test comment for content and avatar.

  2. Peter says:

    It’s a tiny miracle that our treasured little playground has it’s very own website – this is great and long may it last.

    I have a comment about the notice board at the entrance of the park. Given the large sums of money, hard work, community contribution and blood and guts that went into the park’s restoration it seems strange that we aren’t using the board to both celebrate this enormous group effort and nurture some extended love for the park.

    It’s a big board, we could have a brief write-up about the origins of the park, the name change to Supera, the love of the pirate boat, and perhaps some insight into how the new design came about. I’m sure many hours were wiled away by a group of designers, painstakingly laying out the design and theme of the pieces that make up the parks’ many components.

    I know people feel strongly about this park – the notice board seems like an sad afterthought, forgotten and mostly ignored. I’d be happy to contribute…..

    With thanks,

    Peter Bryan.

  3. Amy says:

    Hi, Peter! No need to contact the CPD about the design process – we know exactly who was in charge of it and I think Jeff knows who I mean! I can give you a summary of the process that Sheila and I followed when we were advisory council co-presidents, if that would help!

  4. Peter says:

    Sure, that works. You can email me at peteralexbryan@gmail.com

    With thanks!

  5. Jeff Kerr says:

    I always want to be positive but it should be known that the keys to the park bulletin boards are MIA. Have been for some time. A work order has been submitted to crack the locks. Not sure when this will happen.

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