The Official Release

Greetings!  We are very pleased to inform everyone that today our alderman, Ted Matlak, presented the Chicago Park District with a check for $215,000 for the renovation of our Supera Playlot.  We were then pleasantly surprised to hear the Superintendent of the Park District, Tim Mitchell, promise to match this with a $200,000 contribution from the Chicago Park District.  This is an amazing development for our project and is a testament to working together in a positive way toward a common goal.  Along with the $145,000 that we have raised, we are in a very good position with nearly complete funding lined up for our renovation in 2008!  We are very grateful to Ted Matlak, the Wrightwood Neighbors, the Supera Playlot Advisory Council, the Chicago Park District, the Parkways Foundation, Friends of the Park and the Supera Family for their many productive contributions.

We’d like to thank everyone in the Supera community who played a role in helping this come to fruition.  There’s still plenty of work ahead of us, so please stay in touch!

Amy & Sheila

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One Response to The Official Release

  1. Dapper on Draper says:

    Good we got our money. Now it is time to start asking way it took a runoff election to get Matlak to actually do something.

    Times up Matlak. Waguespack for Alderman

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