Big Check Follows Big News

Big Check for Supera PLayloy 

Ted Matlak, 32nd Ward Alderman, presents Tim Mitchell, CPD Superintendant, with a check for $215,000 for Supera Playlot renovations.  This will be matched by the Chicago Park Department up to $200,000.  Playlot re-design will commence this year followed by construction in 2008.

Mr. Supera 

Mr. Supera says a few words.  The Supera family has made a generous donation to the project as has the Wrightwood Neighbors Association.

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6 Responses to Big Check Follows Big News

  1. Long time Lill Streeter says:

    I have lived here a long time and am thrilled that the park is getting a much needed facelift.

    It is shameful that it is being done as an attempt to buy off a community in order to save his job, that he doesn’t deserve to start with.

    This is the green version of blood money.

    I say take the money, then vote for Matlak’s opponent.

  2. Jeff Kerr says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Your passion for the neighborhood is to be admired. I understand your frustration but it looks like the playlot improvements are moving forward to the benefit of the entire neighborhood. Would welcome your participation in the project. Hope to see you at the next playlot meeting.

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  4. Joe Zekas says:

    That’s great news for the playlot.

    For the record, that’s Mike Supera. The park’s named, as you note, after his dad.

  5. Fred Reibien says:

    I have lived in the ward for 15 years with my wife Susan. We finally have the first chance to toss our corrupt, innept, inneficient alderman, out of office. Get your friends to the polls tomorrow, vote for Scott, and Matlak woes will be a thing of the past!

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