New Swingset at Supera

What’s this, a new boulder garden at Supera Playlot?  No, just the footings for the old swingset.  The old set was showing it’s age and in need of replacement.  Look for the new set this swing … I mean spring.

Supera Playlot Swingset

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One Response to New Swingset at Supera

  1. Jeff Kerr says:

    In the meantime, we have been busy with other initiatives. As you may be aware, our swing set became increasingly dangerous over the fall and winter, when the Park District removed it as a real hazard. We have recently seen crews working on removing the cement blocks that held the swing set in place. This turned out to be a bigger job than expected. They are still working on that and are planning to install a new swing set as soon as the blocks of cement are removed. In addition, the Park District has replaced the sand in our sandbox with a more appropriate grade of sand. We are getting ready to have a great summer at the playlot!

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