Supera Playlot Meeting – August 2006

Hi, Everyone! Sorry that my summary of our last meeting is a bit delayed.

We met at my house and about 7 people were there. We began our discussion with generating some ideas for fundraising events for the park renovation. Now that we have a project planner drawing up renderings for our park, we want to get a detailed fundraising plan developed. Lots of good ideas were discussed for a neighborhood event, but we are open to any suggestions or ideas that you may have. Please let us know if you have attended any fundraiser that you loved or was particularly successful in raising money and creating fun. Sheila and I are working on a list of corporate and local businesses that we will approach for contributions, as well.

We discussed our recent July concert, which everyone reported was a success. We are making plans for our next event, which will be a Saturday morning concert on September 9th at 10:30 am. The performers will be musicians from the Old Town School of Folk Music, which will be ideal for all our little kids. Please mark your calendars and let all your friends know. We will be distributing flyers next week.

These great events were the result of a very generous grant from the Wrightwood Neighbors Association last spring. Since we haven’t used the entire grant, we approached the Wrightwood Neighbors to ask if we may use the rest of the funds for our Halloween Party (Oct. 28th at 10:30am), a winter event, and for a permanent banner to advertise our website at the park. We are waiting to hear what they say. In the meantime, we are awaiting the delivery of new, clean sand that Wrightwood Neighbors is providing (date is to be determined). If you are like me, I am very excited for this delivery! We are reasonably optimistic about the progress of the park renovation. Sheila and I are attending a Chicago Park District budget meeting on September 21st, where we will present our plans to the Superintendent of Parks. This will be a critical meeting for determining if we are included on the schedule of parks to be renovated in 2007. I have been told that it can make a very good impression if neighbors who support the park come to the meeting. If anyone would be interested to join us, please let me know and I’ll give you the location and time. The drinks are on me after the meeting for anyone who attends! Enjoy yourselves and the park and hope to see you soon, Amy and Sheila

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