September 15, 2005

Hi, Everyone!Many thanks to those who attended our meeting on Thursday. It was great to meet all of you and I think that it as time well spent! We were joined by Robert Steele, CPD Community Outreach Manager; Tom Bracy, Area Manager North Region and Kara Donaldson, Park Supervisor for our area.While I am not able to provide full minutes of the meeting, I wanted to summarize the highlights for everyone. After a few introductions, Robert led the meeting by describing the history and role of park advisory councils in Chicago. He gave us a lot of information that describes the steps we should take to form ourselves and help initiate a group structure that will help us accomplish our goals in a more organized fashion. These papers will be copied so that everyone can look at the relevant ones. There are some formalities that are very important to instill in our process, since we endeavor to request donations from others, for which we are fiscally responsible! He outlined the basic sub-committees that we should form (Landscape, Programs, Fundraising/Finance) and the typical officers that we should elect (Present, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). He encouraged us to allocate roles based on our existing expertise! This will greatly enhance the speed with which we can achieve our goals. Please encourage anyone you know with specific skills to join our group! Don’t forget to consider people that live in other parts of Lincoln Park, but who use Supera for playing. We can also create other committees or officers that we deem appropriate as time goes on. He made a few specific recommendations about the next steps which we should take:1) Attend Chicago Park District’s annual capital budget meeting – Amy Hand and Sheila O’Sullivan to attend September 22

2) Attend Wrightwood Neighbors Association board meeting – Amy and Sheila to attend September 19

3) Get some events underway – we have proposed to CPD a Halloween party at Supera on Sunday October 30th from 1-3pm.

4) Partner with a sister agency that will act as our fiscal agency (to accomplish tax deductibility for the donations that we solicit)

5) Contact elected officials such as aldermen, state representative, state senator, county commissioner (we are organizing)

6) Organize our next meeting – Thursday October 13th at 6:30 (probably at same location – will advise).

Please note that we are planning to meet every 3-4 weeks in order to keep momentum going, but will keep the meetings to an hour or so! Please let me know if I have missed any points or if you have any ideas to share at this point.

Thanks and best regards,

Amy Hand

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