February 21, 2006

Hello, Everyone! Just wanted to update you on what we covered at our last meeting.We reviewed our previous meeting when we held our elections. We read through the sample by-laws and suggested a few minor changes. These by-laws will be presented for approval at our next meeting. Two items which impact the group need to be decided: level of membership dues ($20 per year was suggested) and regular meeting place (do we prefer meeting at someone’s home or more public venue). If you have opinions on these topics, please let me know or we can discuss at the next meeting.I discussed the recent meeting that Sheila and I held with Mr. Supera. Essentially, the news is encouraging from several perspectives. He appears interested to assist financially, he is considering working with us on other aspects of fundraising and he has a breadth of experience in development which could be very helpful to us in general. We are focused on preparing a presentation for him which could get our financing initiatives rolling and Robert Steele was very helpful in providing ideas on preparing this presentation.We planned our next meeting (Wed. March 22, time and location TBD) where we should discuss forming our committees. I also suggested that we invite someone from another playlot that has been renovated, to give us some insights into their experience and answer a few questions. The idea would be to extend such invitations regularly, so we get the benefit of the various playlot renovations which have taken place recently.New business included our next park events – Spring Eggstravaganza (Saturday April 8th 10am-12pm), and Earth Day Park Clean-up (April 22nd) – please mark your calendars and we will be doing more planning at our next meeting.

Thank you, again, and please let me know any ideas or comments in the meantime. Look forward to seeing you soon! Our days in the park are not far away!


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